1 February 2009 · About 1 minute read

Agile Development Course

This week I attended a workshop on agile development - Crawl Before You Leap: An Introduction to Agile Development run by AgileLab. The course leaned towards agile project management more so than agile coding practice, and stressed the use of stories and iterations, tests and reflection. As I am normally more focussed on the code-aspects of agile practice, there were some great new concepts and new angles for me - as well as a bunch of handy tips.

As I’m about to start a new Rails project (which advocates agile development), I should get the chance to put some of the theory into practice. Meanwhile, I’m also looking to go to the more coding-biassed course by the same people sometime soon.

Chris Blunt
Chris Blunt@cblunt
Chris is the founder of Plymouth Software. As well as code and business, he enjoys being a Dad, swimming, and the fine art of drinking tea.