17 May 2006 · About 1 minute read

Approaching Infinity

Rather an melodramatic title, really, but it sums up how I (and I should imagine quite a few others) feel as the final presentation approaches. There’s just over an hour to go, and the final checks have been made. As it stands, everything seems to be working, which is worrying if not for the fact it implies something is destined to stop working in about an hours time.

Having just discovered three lecturers disseminating a morning’s work in the cafe (one whom is marking my presentation), a brief discussion led to identify success can, in fact, be achieved through wearing the correct fasion - Dolce&Gabbana seems to be in favour. Fair enough, although perhaps this could have been mentioned on the module brief. Alas, all I am able to do in these final moments is peruse the D&G site, and wonder how I might somehow drop them in my project. Perhaps a faux-sponsorship*?

Anyway, these pointless ramblings clearly indicate that my mind is full to the brim with the theories and interpretations of Toupix. All that is left to do is drown one more much-needed cup of tea and prepare for ‘the presentation’ to begin.

  • To disclaim, D&G are in no way affiliated to, nor sponsor my work. Would be nice though.