19 June 2006 · About 1 minute read

Back from Hols

I’ve now returned to Plymouth after a great (relaxing!) week at Costa de Almeria. During the break, I managed to track down a friend who has established himself as an artist in Spain’s South-Eastern desert region. As well as getting commissions in Spain and the UK, Mark is now publishing photography of the local area, and it’s well worth having a look around the Mazzaron / Bolneuvo bars to see his paintings adorning the walls.

Now back in the UK, the business is starting to gather pace, and I’m currently working on a few commercial sites as well as preparing training workshops for local businesses and the University. If all goes to plan, I will be running some coding lectures for Java and J2ME based apps.

With the lecturer strike is over, my final results are due to be published on July 7th, a few days before the graduation. I’m also continuing research and development on my social mobile platform and applications, and have been very interested to read about Sony’s new Java platform release…