15 December 2004 · About 1 minute read

Back to the Drawing Board

After discussions with several people regarding the negotiated project, I decided at the end of November to return to the drawing board. Fortunately this gave me a chance to stop looking at technology with the idea of wrapping a concept around it, and instead explore areas that I have discovered through my studies and develop a strong conceptual brief before thinking about how to implement it.Unfortunately, however, the research I am developing is turning into pages, and is not particularly suited to displaying on the site (would it? let me know) I have therefore compiled my research so far - and I stress this is purely draft notes and ideas - into a PDF document.Briefly, I am exploring the concept of virtual identity and surveillence. Based on works such as TraceNoizer which explore (and destroy) the concept of digital breadcrumbs that can be combined to form a ‘virtual’ identity of someone that may or may not have any resemblence to their physical being