Bitten Bullet

On the back of today's meeting, I've finally bitten the bullet and released the first tentative steps of Toupix for testing. The offer is currently open to MLA/DAT students:

My final project is a social J2ME application for mobile devices. Unfortunately, I've only been able to test it on one phone so far (SE K600/K608i) on which it is, at last, working. However, before I go much further with it, I'd like to ask if anyone would be willing to give up some spare minutes testing it on their phone/PDA.

The MIDlet is written for devices supporting MIDP2.0, Bluetooth and with a camera. If your device fits these criteria, then it might work. If you're unsure, it might work anyway, so give it a go!

To be involved, please let me know your name, email and device make/model.

Being a social thing, the more people using it, the better! :)

For more information, visit or

At the moment, the test is just to see on which phones Toupix works. Hopefully, it'll work on any MIDP2.0 device supporting JSR-82 and JSR-135, but experience tells me things could never be so simple...