7 May 2006 · About 1 minute read


From research.techkwondo.com:

But I’m also interested in ways that the linkages between event images, or images taken at particular places can be linked in other ways — like the flickr camera we thought through in the workshop..a camera that was a Blogject that was able to disseminate to other proximate cameras either the photos it took or an index to its (the camera’s) flickr stream so that the second camera could link (as in, become contacts with) to the first camera and more seamlessly share photos from the event

As Devin has kindly commented on the post, Toupix addresses the very issues that the author brings up. Nice to know that the area of event-tagging is active though. Hopefully Toupix can be used as a prototype in this upcoming field…if you haven’t already signed up to give it a go, head over to www.toupix.com.

Via Devin Cheevers

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