1000 Days of Calm

Calm 1000 Days on 29 November 2021

I really enjoy using Calm, mostly for sleep stories. A few years ago, what started out as a couple of minutes each day eventually built to a streak of a few weeks.

This led to my developer-brain thinking "I wonder how it handles 4-digit numbers?". The sort of thing you find yourself wondering when writing software all day...

So started the work towards a goal of a 1000 daily meditations, "breathe" sessions, and/or sleep stories. Even if only a minute or two, it counted towards the goal.

Unfortunately, I broke the first streak at 535 days, and so had to start from scratch...Roughly two years and 9 months later, I finally got to 1000 days.

The next step, seeing how Calm deals with 5-digit numbers, is due in just over 24 years...