2 October 2006 · About 1 minute read

Catching up

It’s been a long time since my last post, so I thought I’d try to catch up on whats happening. With Uni life behind me (although not forever…see below), I’m working away on a number of commercial projects, some of which are Web based and a couple of mobile projects that I’ll soon hopefully be able to publish.

I’m also working hard at trying to get HostManager 2.0 going. Trying is the key word though - Cocoa seems to have got a lot harder, and why are bindings so difficult to debug?! I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve started a new test project in XCode. Finally, though, these painful non-starter projects have given way to a working (albeit very early-stages) app. HostManager will also get a nice new website as well, as I fear the existing one is looking somewhat dated…

Also pushing the blog down the list of priorities, I carried out a short J2ME training course a couple of weeks ago, and am now preparing similar coding workshops for iDat. The J2ME workshops gave me some good experience and feedback on delivering code-based workshops that I’m sure will be useful for the iDat workshops next year.

So, to kick-start the blog again, I’ve treated the site to a new theme, and am considering finishing some of the half-written posts that are littering my drafts folder…

Chris Blunt
Chris Blunt @cblunt
Chris is the founder of Plymouth Software. As well as code and business, he enjoys being a Dad, swimming, and the fine art of drinking tea.