Check your language for GMail IMAP?

Like quite a few others, I was pleased to hear that Google has finally got round to adding IMAP to its GMail service. IMAP means checking and dealing with emails from multiple sources is a lot simpler, as any changes are synchronised back to the server. I patiently waited for the IMAP tab to appear in my settings panel, as Google had announced it would take a few days to activate. After a couple of days, though, I began to wonder if they had forgotten about my one lonely GMail account, and starting browsing the help pages for any hint of what might be happening. By sheer luck, I happened upon this little nugget of info:

To use IMAP, you must have your interface language set to 'English (US)'. ÂJust in case, I thought, I'd check my language settings. Lo and behold, my GMail account was set to use English-UK. I flicked the language back to English-US, and the IMAP option dutifully popped up in my settings panel.So, if you're still waiting for IMAP to appear, it might pay to check that your account language settings.