16 November 2005 · About 1 minute read

Developing Concept

The simulacrum idea has developed well into a full blown paradoxial expression of political control and media interpretation.

The object now fully interacts with the user’s voice, thanks to the excellent asFFT Xtra. I had previously looked at the GetSoundLevelIn Xtra, which although suitable, did not offer the ability to determine the frequency variation in the user’s voice.


The subject of the simulacrum, the 3D model, has now developed into a full ‘presidential’ podium complete with microphones, designed to signify the media-centric era of the 1960’s-70’s. I have yet to build more microphones to place upon the podium, and maybe cover it with papers or notes to engross the user somewhat more.

I have also opted (although out of chronological context with the rest of the simulacrum) to build CNN-style news tickers along the bottom of the screen. As well as subtly issuing instructions to the user, this element gives the simulacrum a more solid context in which to operate and demonstrate the ideas I have developed.