26 November 2004 · About 1 minute read

Digital Organism

The digital organism - the beginnings of AI - requires the construction of a software life form, dependent on something, and free (as far as is possible) to carry out it’s life unaided. The organism is therefore nothing like the dependent life simulations, such as Tamigotchi toys.

I am working in a pair group to build our organism which references the idea of buildings as organisms. Built on the idea that an unused building decays and collapses, it would appear that buildings are as dependent on us for survival as we are on them. With this in mind, a building becomes almost parasitic in its organic form.

Our ‘digital parasite’ will utilise 3 bluetooth-equipped laptops, running Salling Clicker in aggressive connection mode. One person (the host) will therefore become the life-giver (and -taker) for the three laptops, each having been placed in an atrium within Portland Square.

The connected atrium will grow from the life-energy it receives from its host, whilst the other atria will cry out for attention as they gradually decay to the point of death. Each laptop will be connected to the atrium sound system, and assigned a vocal personality. This will hopefully play on the emotion of the host in deciding which atrium (if any) will survive