13 December 2005 · About 1 minute read

Dissertation Drilldown

As the framework around my chosen dissertation area expands at an ever-increasing rate, I have attempted to build some degree of organisation by mapping the general subject areas that are touched upon by my terms of reference.

The map so far includes Space (including compression, post-modern abstraction and the timeless state in which we occur); Pervasive Technology, (Pseudo-digital)Community and Free Culture, and the mediated proliferation of information.


The framework of my dissertation is heading in the direction of the information environment; technology’s role in infoconsumerism (that is, the age of digital saturation) and the enablement (and disablement) of what constitutes personal space during this hypercompressed, timeless existence. Is our desire for knowledge, or information (however it may be defined), the new material with which we define our personal space?

How is digital technology - particularly that that is pervasive in our personal lives - affected our personal space, and moreover our perceptions of of that space, and its associated time? Time, it seems, has no place in the digital world; what effect does that have on culture?


It seems the more I look into this subject, the more (worryingly) questions are formed. It seems an unbelievably diverse and infinite network of thinking that is entwined with so much more than I originally envisaged.

I hope in my first dissertation meeting to distill what is feasible for my area of study and build a more distinct framework for the dissertation.