28 December 2005 · About 1 minute read

Dissertation & Project

Over the Christmas season, while indulging far too much in seasonal foodstuffs, I have found some time to work on the two key components of my final year: my dissertation and final project. The component parts of my final project are now working, and all that remains is to combine them into a working prototype which I hope to complete by the end of January.

Due to the nature of the project, it’s important that it has been running for a number of months (and has been used!) by the time I have my final presentation around Easter.

For my dissertation, I have spent the majority of the holiday researching my subject matter in-depth and writing a 1st draft which I shall submit on returning to Plymouth. The subject has drilled down to Virilio’s observation of the (information) generalised event, something that it appears has renewed relevance in the context of Web (2.0). Researching this area has certainly highlighted some key concepts that I hope to explore further in both my research and development for the final project, and the related Assignment for Production of Space.

Outside University work, I’m finding some spare moments to make updates to HostManager, the webhost’s toolkit for OS X. On Saturday I’m taking a trip to Milan. Hopefully, I’ll get some nice photography, as I’m informed Milan is running temperatures comparable with those I’ve been experiencing at home (below). More than anything though, it will be a great place to greet 2006.