13 December 2005 · About 1 minute read

Dissertation Terms of Reference

Friday saw my terms of reference for the final dissertation submitted:

Drawing on concepts from Production of Space and current trends towards digital saturation and asset management, my dissertation will explore the effect of digital history in the context of destroying the time-space connection, where we are currently at, and where with ever-increasingly pervasive technologies our desire for instantaneity will end up.

I am interested in the idea of semantic data, the concept of location-less information, freely available allowing one to transcend time and space to arrive at the destination without having to re-context - re-map to a pre-determined, normalised model - what it is we are looking for.

Works of Reference

  • Baudrillard, J: Simulacra and Simulation
  • Virilio, P: Cyberspace Alarm
  • Satre, J: Being and Nothingness
  • Levy, S: Digital Mcluhan (consequently Mchluan, M: Understanding Media)
  • Reihngold, H: Smart Mobs


  • Hyper-compression of time
  • Open/free culture and the re-empowerment of bottom-up civilisation
  • Remapping information; role of semantic data in freeing us from the constrains of (information) normalisation.
  • Infinite space; borderless personal and cultural spaces in the age of pervasive technology.