12 May 2006 · About 1 minute read

Final Handin

After what seems like forever, my final project is now burned, sealed and handed in for the powers that be to mark. Last minute changes to the code - see below - and a printer that decided to stop working did their very best to ensure the handin was not simple. Now, though, all that’s left to do is the presentation on Wednesday, and then University is over…I can finally start working on my business full-time.

The company website is almost ready to go, and a few ideas have been generated for my next foray into mobile apps.

The latest version of Toupix addresses issues of multiple-photo sending over GPRS. An indicator is now shown when an image is being transferred over the network, and a count of how many images are being sent is displayed. The multi-threaded send allows for several photos to be taken and sent in quick succession without interrupting previous uploads. It also acts as an indication of when the photo has been sent, such that the MIDlet is not quit during a send. The latest version of Toupix will be available from www.toupix.com.