25 November 2005 · About 2 minutes read

Final Project and Space Exploration

My first prototype applet for the Production of Space Practice is now working. Currently, the J2ME applet connects to surrounding devices (via Bluetooth). These connections are then visualised to show your social connection; your presence in the social space. As you move around the physical world, your social connectivity changes, morphing the visual connections.

Admittedly, the graphics of the applet are rudimentary in its current guise. More important for now is the critical foundation upon which the idea is built. As part of the PoS module, I shall be giving a lecture on the Practice development and my rationale of it in a couple of weeks.

Having discussed the idea at length with Chris Speed, this initial project ‘snippet’ also holds several potential directions for my final project. As I continue to build the technology behind the applet, I shall be looking to incorporate active (rather than passive) social connectivity, in a similar manner to the Jambo app mentioned below.

Through the active connections, one is socially connected to an event; in time and space. By harnessing this instant and fusing it to the digital, a repository of social connections emerges. My final project harnesses this ability to capture moments as and in socially connective space.

As a side-note, and something that will probably make it into a version of my final project, it would also be interesting to build a social connective map of Plymouth based on a time-splice of various people’s travels through the city.

I’ll be writing a full critical and technical proposal for my next meeting with Chris, and by then will also have a phase 2 prototype up and running.

Hopefully the phase 2 development will be available for download pretty soon… it needs to be tested on as many platforms (J2ME devices support JSR-82 Bluetooth) and in use as quickly as possible! Anyone interested in helping or joining, please drop me an email and I’ll keep you informed!

Chris Blunt
Chris Blunt@cblunt
Chris is the founder of Plymouth Software. As well as code and business, he enjoys being a Dad, swimming, and the fine art of drinking tea.