4 February 2005 · About 1 minute read

Final Project Proposal

Finally, after much experimentation in a range of disciplines - from Java & Lingo through Processing, PHP and MySQL - I have defined the requirements for my final proposal.My project looks at the concept of digital identity and ‘subveillance’ - the ideas of every independent organism surveying and influencing each other.Subveillance was born from the freedom with which people can - and do - publish their identity to the web. Be it through media sharing (e.g. iLife, MSN Photos, MSN Messenger) or self-reflective sites such as hotornot.com through to voyeuristic webcams. This idea of course spills over to the multitude of fly-on-the-wall docu-soaps or interactive media such as Channel 4’s Big Brother.My project explores just how detached from identity we have become and how our interest in analysing and even controlling other entities can so easily be reformed within the realms of digital media.