9 January 2006 · About 1 minute read

Final Stretch

Concerningly, I have only a few months remaining before I finish my degree. And in this short space of time, there is plenty of work to finish. Here’s a summary of my plans so far:

Programming for Entertainment Systems

Building on my earlier game engine, I hope to produce a small prototype game based on defending a castle. The general idea goes back to a freeware game from many years ago (Ork Attack). I hope to use this addictive game concept as the basis for a 3D prototype.

Sound Practice

Still undecided, but I hope to explore GEM video and PureData audio processing to produce an installation piece. Interaction will more than likely be provided by an analogue tactile interface.

Production of Space

My PoS work will extend the basis of my transience piece to provide active social touching through a mobile interface and local wireless connectivity.

** **Final Project

The final project pieces are now built and just require plugging together. Once launched, the project will be available for download and needs as much real-world testing as possible, so please stay tuned!


I have submitted a 1st draft of my dissertation written over the holidays. Tomorrow, I have a feedback meeting to check everything is heading in the right direction!