Getting Ready for Goals

The time of year is approaching when goals and habits are due to be set. As the end of 2022 approaches, I'm happy to report that one of my goals - to improve overall health and fitness - was going quite well.

Up until last week, that is, when I heard myself uttering the phrase "Oh, it's Christmas" on multiple occassions when a excuse reason was needed for eating something not-traditionally-thought-of as good for you; or was needed to avoid some form of exercise. My Fitbit is begining to wonder if it's been retired.

So in a haze of coffee*-fuelled enthusiasm, I'm starting to plan out what my goals for 2023 will look like. As ever, the world of software is changing very rapidly, so as well as personal goals, it's also a good time to figure out what Plymouth Software will be for the months and years ahead.

* Topped with cream, of course. Because it's Christmas.