1 April 2006 · About 1 minute read

Getting Toupix Ready @ mTate

Setting up to demo Toupix at mTate seems to be going quite well. Worryingly, I’ve not yet come across any major technical problems; in fact, the MIDlet and GPRS are working well. The show kicks off at 8pm, and will include a lot of live performances and preview projects.

This will be the first test of Toupix at a live event, not just for demonstrations but also how it is used. I’ve taken a few photos and uploaded them to the Toupix site; login with username wizkid and password wizkid to see photos throughout the night. I’m hoping people at the event will be running Toupix on their phone such that this becomes a real test of the project!

mTate Setup

mTate Setup

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