19 July 2006 · About 1 minute read

Graduating BSc (Hons) MediaLab Arts

Four years of studying finally came a close yesterday as I along with a few hundred graduated from the University of Plymouth. Thankfully, everything went well (no tripping on the steps!) and hour upon hour of sleep deprivation paid off with a First. With the official end of my time as an undergraduate, there is, however, no longer an excuse for slow and slacking work…

So, the beach is out of bounds (although a cheeky visit to Whitsands over the weekend was allowed). For now, though, it seems the first steps of my full-time business are going smoothly and things are beginning to roll. Although the business still lacks an official website, it is something sitting on my expanding list of things to-do-sometime-soon.

Meanwhile, alongside my commercial endevours, I hope to be working within and alongside the University in continuing research into contemporary mobile technologies, and their resultant social effects.