28 March 2006 · About 2 minutes read

HostManager 1.12

HostManager 1.12 has been released and is available for download from the software pages.

Universal binary build

HostManager is now built as a universal binary for PPC and Intel architectures. The first release of this (1.1) wouldn’t run on Intel due to a configuration error. This has been fixed in the 1.12 release.

True address book integration

The previous address book implementation was pretty awful, as the copied contacts bore no link to your Address Book data. Newly added contacts will be linked to your Address Book rather than copied, so changes made in AB will be reflected in HostManager. This also allows for clients that are flagged as Companies to be displayed with their company contact details rather than personal details.

Previously added clients will be shown with a little Address Book icon next to their name. This indicates they are not yet linked to Address Book. To do so, select them in HostManager’s client list and click Address Book… Then select the relevant contact in Address Book and click Associate.

New updates functionality with Sparkle

Sparkle (beta) is a really nice update framework that automatically handles update checking, download and installation.

HostManager now uses Sparkle to handle updates. An added preference allows to switch checking for updates at start-up on or off.

True client payment recurrence with days, months or years

Another poor legacy of early code was the package recurrence frequencies. Due to being set in days only, they didn’t handle monthly packages or leap years. This has now been changed to a true recurrent date. You can choose from Days, Months or Years and recurrence dates are calculated correctly. By default your previous packages will be carried over as ‘Days’ (as per previous versions of HostManager). To change their reccurence, click Packages in the toolbar.

Improved payments for hosting; introduces payments history viewer

The most requested feature for HostManager is invoice management. This payments history isn’t it, but it’s a step in the right direction. The new Payments history viewer should make keeping track of payments by clients a little easier.

Client payments are now logged in the new Payments panel, accessible by clicking Payments under the client list. To add a payment, choose Make Payment from the hosting tab.

Improved licence management

Makes licence validation and management a little easier and more robust.

Interface improvements

Changes to the interface including simplifications and tidying of some areas

New icon!

A sparkly new icon and improved (subject to preference :) application graphics