14 July 2006 · About 1 minute read

HostManager 1.16

Despite big plans to freeze development of the 1.x line, and concentrate on rapidly delivering 2.0, I have found a spare moment to sort out a couple of irritations with the current build. As a result, HostManager 1.16 has now been released with the following little fixes:

  • Fixed expired trial period window to allow licensing post-trial period.
  • Threaded backup to .Mac to prevent lockups.
  • Threaded synchronisation with iCal to prevent lockups.
  • Fixed/Improved Inspector interface window.
  • Fixed/Improved Inspector interface window.
  • Fixed payments destination for purchasing HostManager.
  • Updated Sparkle framework to Version 1.

The latest version can be downloaded using the Sparkle updater, or directly here. Version 2.0 is progressing slower than anticipated due to a number of other projects, moving house, setting up business, etc. etc. Lame excuses…