7 November 2006 · About 1 minute read

How to save a Sony Ericsson

Yesterday, my SE K800i decided - for no good reason - to completely die. Being out of Plymouth, I wasn’t overly keen on putting the phone in for repair (and not being able to pick it up), and scoured the Interweb for a quick -fix…

To describe the situation, the phone ran out of power. However, on charging it, the usual ‘charging’ screen didn’t appear, and the phone couldn’t be turned on. In fact, the only sign of any power to the phone was a tiny LED in the IR receiver flashing occasionally when the battery was connected. Judging by these posts on Esato, this is quite a common problem.

However, the solution lay in the last post on the forum. I headed to the Waton Server and set up an account. Running the software (and holding down the 2 and 5 keys, rather than C), the update was installed in seconds, and after disconnecting from the data cable, the phone (thankfully) restarted OK. It’s now charging, and being treated with care…

Chris Blunt
Chris Blunt @cblunt
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