blue and w Photo by Matt Seymour on Unsplash

As well as my general notes capture tool, I've recently been cycling through different ways to manage this blog, trying to optimise my writing flow.

More often than not, I'm distracted by the wealth of tools that are available, such that I end up procrastinating over those more than actually writing!

This is something I struggle with in running business as well - there are always so many options and things-to-be-done, that it is far too easy to get stuck very much in the weeds, postponing decisions that would be much better made and forgotten about.

I'm sure technology was supposed to help eliminate such problems, but often the limitless options available can actually hinder progress. Just look at the number of static site generators on which I could run this site.

The developer part of me probably wants to deal with every technicality; whereas what I should be doing is using what the technology affords me to produce the content!


Currently, I'm still bouncing between the plain-text simplicity of Obsidian and the more structured, but seemingly less-portable, Standard Notes.

I've already procrastinated researched several hours trying to get 11ty and new versions of Jekyll working, and whilst I may eventually like to get back to that level of control over this blog, for now I'm sticking with a hosted blog platform - Blot for Obsidian-written posts, and Listed for Standard Notes ones, switching between the two to test and optimise my writing flow.

PS. This post was written on Obsidian :). I used the Sanctum theme, and am publishing via git to Blot.