22 August 2006 · About 1 minute read

J2ME Workshop - Take 1

This week, I’m conducting a small training workshop to introduce Wireless development to a few people. The course is designed to highlight some of the opportunities that wireless development allows, and how the J2ME platform can take advantage of those opportunities.

The basics introduced in the course are what I have learnt during and since the development of Toupix, and also help me to improve my knowledge further. I’m also using some of the frameworks developed for the course as part of ongoing research of mobile applications, the results of which I hope will grow into a full product for Pebbledot.

Talking of which, the commercial website is so close to launch now, just a few app issues to sort out with the online purchasing and licence generation for HostManager. I’m looking for some good Web-based project management software for HostManager 2.0’s development as I have decided to be a lot more organised for this major release!

Any suggestions welcome…