4 November 2005 · About 1 minute read

Java MMAPI Woes (Sony)

In a moment of madness, I thought I’d prototype a few technologies for my final project. One of the key technologies I predict I shall use is mobile technology, hopefully embedded in a J2ME midlet that will be freely distributable to various devices.

One of my first ideas revolved around using the phone’s camera, so I set about writing a test app that would allow me to snapshot images. Searching around, I found there is a standard API (JSR135) for just this sort of thing, and it is supported by my current mobile (SE K608i). An hour or so later, I had a working camera feed with only one minor problem: it took the feed from the front (user-facing) camera. After a little research, it seems this is the only camera supported through JSR135 on this phone.

Undeterred, I put the app on my old phone, the K700i which has only one camera, and nicely displayed a forward-facing video feed. However, my project it seems will also make use of Bluetooth; the JSR82 API is supported by the K608i, but not the K700i.

Thus my options from this test seem limited to a useless camera (unless taking self-portraits), or a camera with no Bluetooth connectivity. Other devices may be able to support both; if Palm devices for example can make use of these API’s, then it may be worth looking into that technology. Sony phones running J2ME JSR135 MIDLet

Chris Blunt
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