19 October 2005 · About 1 minute read

More Space

Wednesday brings another interesting - yet confusing - space lecture that begins to explore the key theories that make up the module. I managed some hastily typed wikinotes (using the cool VoodooPad) that try to summarise the wealth of information that the module has conveyed so far.

One key point from this week’s lecture was the work of Lefebvre, which I interpreted as the need to entwine a space with both its functional (isolationist) connotations and it’s spatial representation (social), that is the experience that is associated by the mind to that space.

An interesting example that Chris gave was the shopping mall, which (complicatedly) entangles the isolationist action of trade (the purchase of a good to complete a need or task; possibly also to satisfy a desire) with the social connotations that that space presents; meeting places, meeting spaces, etc. It was also interesting to analyse how these spaces are so designed such that mapping them (locatively) becomes a complex, daunting task in the desire that you are trapped by a torrent of sensory and perceptual information.