On StandardNotes and Listed

Screenshot of blog on listed.to

As part of my note-taking journey, I'm currently trying out Standard Notes.

Standard Notes seems to tick most boxes - multi-platform, reliable syncing, privacy-focussed and open-source, offline support, and it's really fast. I particularly like multiple editors for different types of content.


The one thing that puts me off Standard Notes is its lack of support for embedded attachments, and the seemingly strange way it handles attachments altogether.

I used Evernote to capture everything - documents, artwork, audio recordings, as well as text-based notes. Unfortunately getting these into Standard Notes is a slow, manual process at the moment - and something I keep starting and giving up on.

Unfortunately, Standard Notes doesn't provide a way to import Evernote or Markdown files with attachments. Again, because of the way attachments are handled, this isn't something that can be done with the existing app.

As it's open source, though, I'm exploring if it's possible to add something to a custom build just to perform a one-time import.

Standard Notes has recently added the Super Note type which does allow for embedded content, and is a step in the right direction. The Super Note uses a custom JSON structure, though, so it strays away from the universal Markdown format.

Whilst it's possible to convert the JSON to Markdown, embedded content is lost. For data portability, I'd like to keep things in Markdown wherever possible.


One of the things I really like about Standard Notes is the built-in blogging platform, Listed. By way of an experiment to see if it helps me to write more consistently, I tried switching this blog over to Listed for a short time.