5 December 2004 · About 1 minute read

Packaging the Solution

Having finalised the 3d simulacrum, and placed it in a (simulated) context of a presidential speech, I have decided to design the external packaging for the presentation. As my ‘object’ is the media (metaphor by the microphone), I shall base my presentation on that subject.

The simulacrum technically represents a political speech, surrounded by shots of the media. The speech is emitted to the media world, and reinterpreted through the software. To preface this situation, I shall present the work within a false newspaper, with headlines mentioning the ‘political speech’ that will be made. Hopefully, this will signify the purpose and the usage of simulacrum to the end user.

I have also purchased the excellent asFFT xtra, and published a public beta of the simulacrum below. Note that the piece requires a microphone to be installed, and also needs speakers to be set to a middle level (so as not to trigger the microphone detection).

[Download for Mac

](http://www.chrisblunt.com/_archived/Archived/Archive_v3/assets/portfolio/2/simulacrum/simulacrum.osx)Download for Windows