Chris Blunt

Software developer and consultant based in Plymouth, UK. Founder of Plymouth Software.

Notes Apps and Data PortabilityOne thing that’s become increasingly important in the days of vendor lock-in and siloed data is the portability of that data. In my notes journey, December 21, 2022 note-taking blog apps 100Days

On StandardNotes and ListedAs part of my note-taking journey, I’m currently trying out Standard Notes. Standard Notes seems to tick most boxes - multi-platform, reliable December 20, 2022 100Days

Moving to BlotI recently switched this site from Jekyll to the managed service, Blot. December 11, 2021 blog site

1000 Days of CalmI really enjoy using Calm, mostly for sleep stories. A few years ago, what started out as a couple of minutes each day eventually built to a streak November 30, 2021 calm meditation life

Rails and React: Fixing 'Module not found' errors for JSX filesRecently, whilst exploring how we can use React with Rails at Plymouth Software, we were coming up against an error trying to run the simple "Hello World" tutorial for the React on Rails gem. July 22, 2020 rails react react-on-rails jsx howto fix

Using MariaDB / MySQL Service Containers Azure in Devops PipelineI’ve recently been working a Rails application CI to Azure Devops Pipelines feature. As part of the migration, the app is also being bundled into December 22, 2019 azure devops mysql mariadb howto tutorial