Hi, I'm Chris.

I'm a software developer and consultant based in Plymouth, UK. This site is a collection of tutorials, thoughts and things I've learned in code, life, and running my business.

Rails on Docker: How to Share Containers Across Multiple Projects

In this tutorial, you'll learn how to share containers (e.g. a database) across multiple projects using Docker Compose and Docker Networks.… Continue reading →

3 October 2018 rails docker ruby compose

Rails on Docker: Using an Entrypoint File in your Containers

When using Docker to run your Rails apps in development, you might come across a leftover file in your app's tmp/ folder. Learn how to overcome this problem, especially when scaling the number of your app's containers.… Continue reading →

23 August 2018 rails docker ruby entrypoint

Business Tools: How to get started with ConvertKit for Email Automation

Welcome to this new series where I'll dive into the tools and services I use in my business. In this first post, we'll be looking at ConvertKit, which I use for email marketing automation.… Continue reading →

14 August 2018 business tools convertkit email marketing automation

Rails on Docker: Using Rails Encrypted Credentials with Docker

Rails 5.1 introduced the encrypted secrets.yml.enc file, with Rails 5.2 tidying things up by consolidating secrets and credentials into the… Continue reading →

26 July 2018 rails ruby docker credentials secrets

Ruby on Rails: 5 Checks to Make Before Launching Your App

Launching your app into production is a huge step, and there are often lots of different things you need to set up to ensure not only that the deployment works as expected, but also that your app continues to run smoothly once it is running in production.… Continue reading →

12 March 2018 ruby rails

Ruby on Rails: Running Tests with Guard and Docker

Guard is a great tool for quickly running your Rails app tests/specs as your develop the code. As you edit and change the files in your app, Guard… Continue reading →

19 February 2018 ruby rails docker guard rspec minitest