Chris Blunt

Software developer and consultant based in Plymouth, UK. Founder of Plymouth Software.

The Business of Software at FutureSync 2019Last week I was lucky enough to give a talk at the FutureSync 2019 conference in Plymouth. Entitled “The Business of Software”, taking the time to May 3, 2019 business futuresync conference plymouthsoftware

2018: A Value Pricing Year in ReviewIt seems like only a few months ago I decided to make the switch to value pricing, yet - to my amazement / surprise / concern / shock / horror! - January 5, 2019 value-pricing

Rails 5: Matching Asset URLs in Feature SpecsAs part of an ongoing Rails Upgrade for a large web application, I needed to update a feature spec that checked the URL of included assets. In October 5, 2018 ruby rails rspec specs testing

Rails on Docker: How to Share Containers Across Multiple ProjectsIn this tutorial, you'll learn how to share containers (e.g. a database) across multiple projects using Docker Compose and Docker Networks. October 3, 2018 rails docker ruby compose

Rails on Docker: Using an Entrypoint File in your ContainersWhen using Docker to run your Rails apps in development, you might come across a leftover file in your app's tmp/ folder. Learn how to overcome this problem, especially when scaling the number of your app's containers. August 23, 2018 rails docker ruby entrypoint

Business Tools: How to get started with ConvertKit for Email AutomationWelcome to this new series where I'll dive into the tools and services I use in my business. In this first post, we'll be looking at ConvertKit, which I use for email marketing automation. August 14, 2018 business tools convertkit email marketing automation