27 April 2006 · About 4 minutes read

Politics of Social Software: Web 2.0 in the Next Social Revolution

My dissertation is now finalised and ready for submission. From the Abstract:

Current trends in the use of the Web are shifting its basis from a technological to a social context. These changes occur as an increasing global population connects to the Net, and realises its potential as a platform for publishing, as well as one for consumption. As people become attuned to the possibilities offered by the Web, powerful social shifts occur, mirroring the decentralist construct of the Web itself.

We find ourselves at a point in time when the balance of power between centralised institutions and the individual are changing. The Web offers a glimpse of how society might look, and more importantly operate, in the future. However, to realise the democratic potential presented to us, we must acknowledge and interpret the warnings of those who predict that we might first have to bear the consequences of our unregulated construction of the information super-highway.

In this dissertation, I examine the development of the Web as a social platform. I analyse the warnings put forward by Paul Virilio at the end of 20th century, and compare how our digital society has the potential to shape our socio-political future.

Download the full PDF here.

Researching the dissertation was very interesting and enlightening - especially in the current political climate. I would have loved to have gone much further into this subject, and produce a fuller work…but alas, deadlines are tight!

The following Web resources are referenced in the dissertation:

ame http://www.airtightinteractive.com/projects/related_tag_browser/app