1 June 2006 · About 1 minute read

Radar: Instant sharing of cameraphone snaps


Radar is an application that shares photos taken with cameraphones instantly with friends. Radar dissmisses any public sharing, focussing instead on the transaction between existing social networks. Radar is ‘a visual conversation between you and your friends.’

Radar photos can be posted via a Java MIDlet (see below), or by emailing them to a private email address, from where those photos are then shared to your friends.

Friends can then comment and leave feedback on your photos.

I hope to be able to access Radar’s phone software to get a more completee overview of the app - again, Three’s terrible network service means I can’t access the radar.net WAP site from my phone.

Nice to see this sort of development in the mobile2.0 space; radar looks

like it has the potential to be a busy application. I’ll post more details if I manage to get hold of the Java MIDlet.

Via: Smartmobs