13 February 2006 · About 1 minute read

Rebuilding Toupix MIDlet

Since tidying the code I’ve developed for the Touch platform, the original Toupix MIDlet was becoming ever-harder to manage. As a test of the Touch platform itself, and for future ease, today I completely rebuilt the Toupix MIDlet for J2ME. The new MIDlet uses custom SMTP code for publishing to the web (although this may change to an HTTP connection) and uses a much more streamlined interface.

This rapid development is a good sign of how the Touch platform is developing, and the only major remaining features to implement are login validation against the toupix server and double-buffering the canvas to prevent camera flicker. On the server side of things, I’ve extended the XMLRPC interface and built an example AJAX page. Hopefully, the whole site will eventually become AJAX-ified, although the core of the project will be in allowing developers to take advantage of the XMLRPC and expand the project with their own ideas.

So once all this is done, the toupix Alpha should be ready to go!