3 February 2006 · About 1 minute read

Shifting Sounds

With the deadline fast approaching, I am getting nowhere with PD in producing anything either acoustically pleasing or successfully connecting to external hardware. I am therefore shifting my concentration to a software-based production for the assignment.

This fallback will use Processing to create the visuals, and PD to manage HID input. With this combination, I hope to create a memory mood fountain. The aesthetic for this project will maintain an organic feel.

The project will take the users’ interactions in a consantly developing memory. When it finds itself without interaction, the fountain will play with the ‘moods’ (the types of interaction) it has previously encountered. This gives the interactions (and their resultant sound) a longevity that normally does not exist.

Each interaction will result in an impression forming a connection between users over time. By leaving their (interaction) impressions within the space, they will participate in the formation of a collaborative composition that can then be played back as a time-compression.