11 October 2005 · About 1 minute read

Simulacrum Ideas

I am beginning to form ideas of my simulacrum model, and the cultural context(s) that it will encompass.

Based on the increasing distrust of political figures and/or the reliance of political worth through spin and careful linguistic structure (these are admittedly very generalised views, and based on media portrayals). I am thinking of building my simulacrum within this context.

My first thoughts are to use Shockwave3D To present the use a 3D Microphone - maybe a podium - to put them directly into the position of the politician. The simulacrum will wait for them to speak, and on receiving sound input, either output totally un-related, pre-recorded words; or resample the user’s voice, and re-arrange their words (this may be out of the scope of the project).

The idea is to demostrate the spin and mistrust that seems so intricately entwined within modern politics.