9 April 2006 · About 1 minute read

Social Interactions in Toupix

One of the reccuring themes people mentioned at the BBar show was the social potential offered by Toupix. Since the original intention of Toupix was to visualise multiple perspectives on a single event, the social interaction it creates are arguably more important than the images people upload. Toupix is a platform for social exchange of photo-captured events.

The next stage of the project’s development is to improve the social aspect of the site. I aim to extend the functionality of the touchCloud, a tagcloud-like visualisation of people you have been nearby at events. One interesting idea was to introduce historical snapshots of the touchCloud, such that users can see their shifting social patterns over time.

Meanwhile, I’ve uploaded a new version of the Toupix MIDlet to the project site (available for desktop or OTA installation). This new version should cut down on connection errors in busy Bluetooth environments. It adds a timeout for connections, and also filters non-cellular Bluetooth devices.