31 January 2006 · About 1 minute read

Space Meeting

Today’s meeting with Frances has helped me in consolidating the requirements - and intended outcome - of my transience2 project. Drawing reference to projects such as Jambo, pindices and the blur building, I shall be representing users not only by avatar, but by a colour indicating social preferences. The representation of a user on the social map will be determined by how well these preferences match those of other users’.

Each transience2 user will also have a physical avatar. These will be a sequence of vibration patterns that can be sent to other users. When historically mapped users appear, they will be touched by these patterns to indicate a social connection. If the connection is verified, users can then exchange (avatar) details.

Technically, the project is progressing quite well. Avatar details are transmitted between users, and a social map is formed by surrounding connections. The next stage will be to implement vibration patterns and allow these to be transmitted across devices.

As development of transience2 continues, I am also using the framework to further develop my final project, toupix. That project is now working as a technical prototype and I hope to be announcing the early beta test within the next couple of weeks.