7 February 2006 · About 1 minute read

Space Review

Today’s Space meeting threw up some interesting concepts. With the original intention of not directing the project towards a ‘meet and greet’ tool, it was suggested to research more the concepts involved in mapping the transient connections that occur. Frances analogised the City space itself where, surrounded by many, one might still feel lonely and disconnected from their surrounding environment and peers.

By mapping (physically) the social spaces and connects that the project does, it helps to define ones social positioning within the space. Without knowledge - even visual confirmation - of those around you, the vibration patterns that you receive give representation that you are socially connected within a space. Of course, with a more defined social context, you will more likely find a permament connection to those sharing a similar context.

With no guaranetee of response, this feeling of being connected - alone yet amongst others - gives a spiritual implication to the space(s) we might find ourselves in. We become connected with the space purely through the provision of the idea - not the knowledge - that we are sharing it with others.