25 May 2006 · About 2 minutes read

There Just isn't Enough Time

Perhaps I must learn to blog quicker, as things are moving too quickly at the moment.

Somewhat ironically, despite my post-modernist ponderings for the Production of Space module, it’s amazing how the regimented time of economic space (that which was the principle antithesis of my Transience project) can so quickly destroy any preconception that I might be able manage myself effectively and with crystal efficiency - let alone relax post-University….

My business is now registered, and everything is almost ready to go - except the website (not enough time, you see). Meanwhile, I’ve been trying to arrange client meetings and getting some first projects on the move, as well as working on plymouthpixels.com (although most of the sales work there is being done by Tom!) and carrying out some much needed development work on HostManager. Version 2.0 is almost ready for alpha release, although Sync Services are presenting some problems. Something I need to look into is getting Sync Services to push out Core Data dates to iCal, but documentation on this subject seems a little bit lacking as far as I can see. A nice step-by-step tutorial would be perfect.

Through all this madness, keeping track of ideas is becoming increasingly difficult. I’ve thought about several mobile web apps that I really can’t wait to develop, and eventually release on the commercial world. However, the drive to get the business up and running (and the sudden and unexpected need to find a house!) has meant that these have had to be suppressed for now.

It is my intention to train myself, very quickly, in Actionscript 2.0 (is 3.0 out yet?), as it seems to be everywhere. In particular, my desire to learn it is so that I might develop Flash Lite 2 apps. So far I’ve liked what I’ve seen in this little Flash platform, and despite my dread of desktop Flash (timelines within timelines within clips with links…it’s just messy), it seems that Flash Lite 2 might give mobile devices the common, rich-media platform they need, providing I can avoid timelines. Although, I should point out I don’t yet have a Flash Lite 2 phone, so I’ll reserve judgement for now.

However, in the meantime, I’ll continue developing my Java libraries, in particular so I can rapidly prototype the applications I have in mind for the near-future…