13 December 2005 · About 1 minute read

Touch Presentation

touchLogoToday I presented my first Production of Space assignment, and the critical foundation for my social software plaform.

The platform, entitled touch engages with the many transient social spaces we encounter every day, whether knowingly or not.

The project for this assignment was a small touch application entitled transience. Running on a MIDP2.0 device, transience gives tactile response to social spaces as you go about your day. By giving a physical feeling of these spaces, transience acts as a prompt to more actively engage with them.

touch is the foundation platform for both my Production of Space assignments, and shall also be extensively used in my major project. The platform requires a Bluetooth supporting MIDP2.0 device that implements the JSR-82 specification.

More information shall shortly be published on a touch project page.

Transience MIDlet (.jar)[

Transience MIDLet Descriptor (.jad)](http://chrisblunt.comblog/wp-content/uploads/2005/12/Transience.jad)