9 February 2006 · About 1 minute read

Touch Sending

The transience MIDlet is now working pretty well for sending/receiving unique touch patterns. Although the aesthetic is still unchanged, the technology is nearing completion. The next major tasks are:

  • Identify only user’s running the transience (Touch) server
  • Solve a problem whereby connections are left hanging after sending/receiving a touch.
  • Build a microsite for distribution
  • A nice to have, although stepping a little close to the meet-and-greet tool, would be getting images sent completely between phones. Currently, only half the image turns u

At the moment, I have only been able to test the project on Sony Ericsson k608 phones. Ideally I’ll get the opportunity to develop on more phones as the project nears completion. This would be extremely useful however as some code is shared between this and my final project.