14 March 2006 · About 1 minute read

Toupix Dry Run

Although my phone has died on me and the first tests showing (or proving) that it won’t work on anything other that Sony Ericsson phones, tomorrow will see the first dry run of Toupix at a ‘real’ event.

One thing that I didn’t like about the project was the requirement to upload photos from the phone, incurring bloated GPRS connection charges. This is now no longer an issue as I have written a very simple desktop client. Toupix photos are now saved to the phone (in the ‘Others’ folder) from where they can be sent a desktop computer. The

(Java) desktop client is then used to publish the files to the Toupix server via a standard Internet connection. Although not as elegant as instant upload (which is still an option), this will hopefully make the project more accessible to people.

Anyway, to take part in the first tentative steps of the beta, have a look at http://www.toupix.com/alpha/get.php to sign up and get started.

The ‘dry run’ takes place tomorrow (Wednesday) at the Apollo event (Ride cafe, North Hill, Plymouth @ 6pm).