30 May 2006 · About 1 minute read

Toupix Future

Toupix was my final submission for the BSc (Hons) MediaLab Arts degree programme. While I wait for the marks to be published, plans are afoot for the successor to Toupix, which I hope to release as a more viable user platform.

One of my concerns with Toupix was the user experience. As an experimental platform, the user interface was far from perfect, and due to the difficulties of the technologies employed by Toupix (this isn’t an excuse - they really exist!), network connectivity was often a costly and frustratingly slow experience. As part of the future development of the software, I hope to drastically streamline this experience, and improve Toupix’s social experience.

Development is currently in very early stages, as I am building a lot of code from the ground up. Again, I am developing for the Sony platform, and I hope I will shortly have access to some of the upcoming Sony phones (specifically the K800 series). I also aim to be quickly in a position to discuss the next version of Toupix (and other applications I have in development) with manufactuers and network providers.