24 February 2006 · About 1 minute read

Toupix Meet

Today’s project meet with Geoff confirmed my fears that it’s about time toupix got released. Earlier, the day was spent sorting out random technical issues that decided to occur - something to remember for the final presentation. What’s left to do then:

  • Sort out a flickering display bug with the MIDlet.
  • Get toupix tested on more than a Sony Ericsson K608i. If you can help (a shout for Nokia owners :) please let me know!
  • Sort out the user licence.
  • Write up proper developer docmentation.Â
  • Find/Arrange an event where toupix can be used and tested in a real environment.
  • (Fix any issues that are certain to occur during the test)Â
  • Document that event!
  • Publish documentation to the website
  • Finish :)

The majority of work now rests on documentation, something that usually is a last-minute thing in my determination to get the project working! Hopefully, then, this blog might get updated a little more often…