7 March 2006 · About 1 minute read

Toupix Site & Blog

Toupix is my final project, an exploration of social spaces through events and photography - photos with a social twist. Although the signup is still restricted - time is needed to squash the last minute problems - I’ve launched the website with the (hopeful) intention of creating some interest and ultimately feedback in the project. I’ve also submitted information about the project to a few other blogs, which might bring some interest; suggestions are always gratefully received…

toupix is a social photo tool that runs on your mobile phone. Photos taken with toupix are tagged with other toupix users who are nearby. The photo is then automatically published to the toupix website.

Logging into your toupix account lets you see not only your photos, but the photos of other toupix user’s who were around you at the time. Even if you didn’t take any photos, yourself, you’ll still be able to see those taken by other users.

I have also built a dedicated blog for the project where I’ll be tracking its development through the testing process.