23 January 2006 · About 1 minute read

Transience2 Proposal

It’s not named yet, but my proposal for the space project is an extension of my first project, transience.

Active Engagement

Transience2 will allow active engagement in the social spaces one encounters, and will introduce a history to the users’ connections. If, through the physical manifestation of transient social space, a user connects repeatedly with another user (whether knowingly or not), then the physical representation of that space will reflect that historical link.

Like my first project, transience2 will be built on my developing Touch platform. Touch is rapidly expanding as I find more requirements for the various projects that will incorporate it.


The purpose of transience2 is to allow active engagement with transient social connections. Users of transience2 will be able to send touchCasts to each other, a way of forwarding physical messages through social spaces. As well as sending touchCasts to specific users, I also intend to allow for wide-touchCasts to all surrounding transience2 users who have matching (contextual) tags.

Works of Reference


urban tapestries