26 October 2005 · About 1 minute read

Travelling to the SpacePlace

The lecture (below) got me thinking that maybe my spaceman should transfer to a spaceplace; maybe the explosion of coffee-houses such as Starbucks. Often used as a business example (certainly by business students I know…!) for perfectly managing to sell the experience; today’s coffee-culture demonstrates with powerful effect the implosion of habitus and representative space to form a new context of space.

How does this affect the travels of my spaceman? Via the unseen world, he can travel to these spaces to meet friends, chat with them maybe even show them what he sees (picture, video messages, etc.) His existence through the virtual connection in a sense enables him to visually exist - to be perceived by others in that space as ‘there’ - in the space. Video-telephony (3G mobile) has seen to that.

So while he does, in the traditional sence, not inhabit the physical space, his existence is felt by those who may be, and thus he is exerting some effect on the existence of that space. His effect on the space may not be perceived by the naked eye, but in the eye of the mind (those whom he has connected with), he has forever altered the representation of space.