28 February 2006 · About 1 minute read

Use-Context of Mobile 2.0

Another analysis of mobile2.0 posted at landspurg.net, again identifying some of the fundamental problems facing the area - primarily HCI challenges and cost -, and analysing the current use-context which mobiles currently occupy.

mobile2.0 seems an increasingly active topic at the moment, especially as it seeks to define itself as more than merely Web2.0-on-the-mobile. Tom identifies synchronisation (perhaps to the Web or a local device) as one of the current use-context of current mobile(2.0) platforms. This is certainly the case with toupix, which as well as its J2ME MIDlet, uses a browser-based Web interface as a main point of interaction.

However, in the very near future (once the technical and standardisation issues are less of a barrier), I think it is likely that we will increasingly see mobile2.0 shifting to the (borrowing Tom’s terminology) browse-use context of the mobile that Web 2.0 is to the desktop.